How to Recover Deleted Files from Laptop for Windows 7/8/10 and Other Editions

Ashwani Tiwari | Modified: February 12th, 2021 | data recovery

People have moved from personal computers to laptops. As it is portable to carry around because of its size. Additionally, the dependency is not on the constant electricity supply.

But users often face the deletion of files due to “N” number of reasons and ask how to recover deleted files from laptop Windows 10.

It leads us to understand the culpable reasons behind the deletion of files from Windows7/8/10 and other editions.

Blamable Reasons for Deletion

Bad Sectors lead to Data loss – In Physical bad sectors, the drive is physically damaged due to malfunctioning of the drive head. Also, the logical bad sectors occur due to improper shutdown of application and system. The missing sectors are marked as “bad” because they are not readable.

  • Virus-infected files – Likewise a virus organism, the system virus also survives on the system files and manipulate, loss, and corrupt the data files and spreads to other devices. Obviously, all this occurs without the user’s consent.
  • Human Erroneous – Inattentiveness or inexperience in handling the Operating System result in accidental deletion. As result in users look around to recover permanently deleted files from laptop Windows 7.
  • Formatting partition without backup – While reinstalling the OS, the user accidentally chooses the wrong partition, and it’s too late till he finds out the data will no longer exist by now.
  • Software Errors – Incompetence of software will cause the deletion and corruption of files. Software crash down is the leading factor in it.

Types of Deletion in Windows OS

Now to recover deleted files from the laptop running Windows 7 or 10, firstly verify what kind of deletion is made by the user. Some of the prominent data deletions are mentioned below.

  • Soft Deletion – In this deletion, the data is directly moved to the Recycle Bin. The deleted file will be marked as erased in the file system but the bytes are still present in the hard drive. But it tempts the system to change the file name and it triggers metadata to change.
  • Hard / Permanent deletion – Also known as Shift+Deleting, it would write down all the zeros to the bytes on the hard drive to make sure the admin cannot recover the data.
  • Emptying Recycle Bin – The user realizes the data he deleted a few days ago is needed right now. But either he emptied the bin, or data bypassed the recycle bin. So no chances are left from the Operating System to restore the file.
  • Deletion due to data corruption – As we talked about the virus-infected files cause the deletion without the knowledge of the user. Also, the software malfunctioning will do the same.
  • Files deleted from Partition – While updating the Operating System, unknowingly you select the drive and checked the wrong drive, and now the data are permanently gone.

You can undoubtedly try the hard drive recovery utility to recover files for all of the above-mentioned deletion types. It will deliver the data files in their original format without any changes to the metadata.

Recover Deleted Files from Laptop Using Secure Solution

Practice 1. Use the Data Recovery solution:

You can completely skip this step if the user holds the backup files and did an incremental backup from time to time. Otherwise, follow the below-mentioned steps to recover the important deleted files.

  1. Download and launch Hard Drive Recovery Solution on your Windows PC. To execute the software in your native languages, choose from the given language list.

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  2. Select the Drive and start the scan mode by clicking on Scan option to recover deleted pictures from computerHow to recover deleted files from laptop
  3. The recovered deleted files from recycle bin will be shown in the recovery panel. The recovered data from Toshiba external hard drive will be shown in red color along with files for easy identification. recover deleted files from laptop windows 10
  4. Choose the desired files to recover deleted data in Windows 10 in the specified location of the system and click on the Save option to restore files. Recover Deleted Files from Laptop

Tip – Don’t save the recovered files in the same drive from where the files were deleted.

This solution works for FAT, exFAT, and NTFS file systems for an internal and external hard drive for a large number of multimedia files. This tool can also recover deleted files from NTFS partition.

Practice 2. Recovery of Permanently deleted files using File History

File History is the backup solution users can have in the most recent edition of Windows OS. It saves copies of files so users can restore them whenever they get deleted or lost due to any means. Go through the following tutorial to learn the recovery process.

  • Attach the external drive where you have kept the backup file.
  • You can restore the backup using two methods:

Method 1. Control Panel >> System and Security >> File History and click Restore Personal files.
Method 2. Setting app >> Update & security >> Backup >> More Options.

Scroll down to the bottom of Window, and select Restore files from the current backup.

Practice 3. Recovery of Shift+Deleted Files from the Previous Version

Users can restore a previous version of the file from File Explorer.

  • Open File Explorer by clicking on the icon or just press Win+E together to open it.
  • Select the file and right-click on it.
  • Choose the Properties option from the list and select the “Previous Versions” option and click OK.

Any of the available previous versions of a file from the file history will appear here. You can preview them and restore the previous version to a different system location.

Users can also view the previous version through the following steps.

  • Go to the file explorer and click on the Home tab on the ribbon bar at the top and click on History.
  • A list of files will appear in front of the user and he can recover deleted files from laptop windows 10 in his laptop’s designated location.

Did Backup Plan Mess Up?

What if things didn’t execute the way you thought…

Scenarios are not surprising where the backup storage is not synchronized, or the system denies reading the files due to any corruption to that storage device.

You can’t keep looking vanishment of your files. Right!!!

When an inbuilt backup solution also deceives you… you can rely on reliable software to recover the file. Just follow the above-mentioned steps. Voila… you have successfully recovered permanently deleted files on your laptop.

Heart of the Matter

Life is uncertain, also the availability of valuable files. Don’t let drown your data due to wicked reasons.
How to recover deleted files from a laptop might be an issue before reading this post but certainly, you will leave with a definite solution.