How to Recover Deleted Videos from SD Card with Computer – Instantly

Ashwani Tiwari | Published: February 11, 2021 | data recovery

Want to how to recover deleted videos from SD card with computer? Simply attach the SD card using a card reader. Download the data recovery solution on your Windows machine and within a few mouse clicks, all the deleted videos will be recovered and saved on your chosen location.

Sounds Easy… Right??

Follow this blog guideline and recover deleted videos from SD card with computer within the least amount of time.

Officially abbreviated SD card is the Secure Digital card based on memory card format. It became a popular storage medium used by android smartphones, tablets, cameras, camcorders, and other devices too.

It is used to save various multimedia files such as photos, videos, audio, music, etc. Due to such versatility and wide usage, users often face deletion issues many times. Eventually looking for how to recover deleted videos from SD cards with computer via data recovery software.

Some users also searched these similar queries while looking for a recovery method for SD cards.

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Reasons for Deleted Videos from SD Card

  1. Malfunctioning of SD card is the prime cause of deletion of videos, and it can lead to wholesome data of SD card and make SD card useless.
  2. Virus infection is the prior reason in a long list of reasons. As the SD card is inserted into the android phone. Smartphone activities such as the download of virus-infected attachments from the email can infect the data within the SD card memory.
  3. Download free applications and games from the internet. These applications can be infected by malware and might restrict your access to the files even deleted video files from the SD card along with other data.
  4. Corrupted SD card partition due to technical (internal or external) issues such as unsafe ejection of SD cards from android phones. Interruption while transfer of files is also queued in this list.

Precautions to Use before Recovery of Deleted Video from SD Card with computer

Once you realize the videos have been deleted or missing from the SD card, follow these steps to minimize the loss of video data while recovering.

  1. Instantly stop using the device e.g. smartphone and do not perform any data-related activity.
  2. Go to Setting >> Storage >> Unmounts SD card from its dedicated device. It is mandatory for the safe removal of SD cards.
  3. Download SD Data recovery solution on your Windows running machine.
  4. Attach the SD card using a card reader connector and perform the following actions.

Recover Deleted Videos from SD Card with Computer via Third-Party Solution

This solution has a simple and easy-to-use interface that users can easily operate. Here are the steps to recover deleted footage from the memory card using the computer.

  1. Download and install SysTools SD Data Recovery Software on your Windows machine. Launch it after the complete installation process.

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  2. Attach the SD card to computer using card reader. And click on Refresh view to detect the memory card on the home page of the program. After detection click on Scan mode to start the scanning and recovery process instantly. how to recover deleted videos from SD card
  3. After scanning and recovery of the SD card, all the recovered videos will be showcased on the recovery panel. User Filter option to preview only the video files recovered from SD card. recover deleted videos from SD card
  4. Choose desired videos you want to export and click on the Save button to export the recovered videos from the SD card. Recover Deleted Videos from SD Card with Computer

This is how to recover deleted videos from SD card with computer. You are advised to go for a demo version. If you can see the deleted videos in the demo version then you can certainly go for the full-fledged version of the data recovery solution.

Concluding Words

People use their smartphones, tablets, digital cameras, and camcorders to shoot their daily life events and more. Deletion of those memorable and essential videos can be a huge loss. How to recover deleted videos from SD card with computer is the first thing users ask to perform.

To avoid caught in any unnecessary additional problem it is advised to go for the professional data recovery solution. It can provide recovery in various file formats of videos without data loss.