USB Data Recovery Software Free Download Full Version – Ultimate Solution

Ashwani Tiwari | Published: February 6, 2021 | data recovery

USB flash drives works for all operating systems and all devices including PC, computer and laptops. Moreover, it can be attached to the phone using a USB data cable. Its versatility made it an important gadget to carry around for data mobility.

But it is also highly prone to corruption and virus attacks due to connectivity with numerous devices. This is the reason we need the USB Data Recovery Software free download full version tool on our system.

Why Need USB Data Recovery Software

Due to many reasons, USB drives get corrupted and data is either lost or deleted. Here are the primary reasons:

  1. NAND memory gets wear and tear with continuous and repeated use. This might end up showing the error message “files not recognized” and will obstruct the user to access the file.
  2. Virus infection can spread within the files of USB flash drives leaves users in uncertain status. Virus infections most common reason is attaching the USB drive to any unsecured system which might be already virus affected.
  3. Dropping of USB drive cause damage to its physical component that affects the stored files within the USB
  4. Incorrect removal of Pen drive while the ongoing process will cause a logical error in the USB drive.
  5. External factors such as humidity and temperature can cause moisture accumulation. Also, the dirt collection can impact the firmware of the drive makes it useless at a certain point.

Well, reasons are endless, and no matter how well users have kept the drive safe once in a while they will be caught in a situation when their data would not be accessible saved in the drive.

In that case, if the user already has the backup of data then it’s a relaxed scenario otherwise he will end up losing the files store in the USB drive.

Working Features of USB Data Recovery Tool

The selection of SysTools USB Data Recovery Software free download full version must be made on the feature offered by it. We have come up with the assured solution that has gained the trust of users for saving data in most crucial cases.

Here are the features that this tool offers. Have a look

  1. Recover data from FAT, NTFS, and exFAT file system.
  2. Retrieve data from all kinds of removable devices including Flash Drive, Pen Drive, USB Drive, SD Card of all brands.
  3. Recover files from corrupted USB flash drive.
  4. Filter based dynamic search option to recover files in user preferred multimedia type.
  5. Retrieve damaged stored files of USB drives / Pen drive.
  6. Recover permanently deleted files from USB drive without data loss.
  7. This application is compatible with all Windows Versions.

Detailed Features of USB Data Recovery Software Free Download Full Version

Offers Dual Scanning Mode

It offers scanning and recovery mode in Dual modes i.e. Scan and Formatted Scan

Recover and Export Whole Data

It is capable to scan the whole USB drive and list down all the recovered files in the preview panel. Users can use the selective approach and also select the root folder to export recovered files and folders.

Retrieve Data from Formatted USB Drive

Virus infection malfunctions the USB drive and provokes windows to format the drive. Data loss due to such an event is a serious disadvantage. It has immense capability to recover files from a formatted USB drive.

Category Filter for Selective Export

Users get to choose the filter option to select files according to multimedia type. Also, the recovered deleted data will be displayed in the red color of easy recognition.

Support All Windows Versions

Users no longer to worry about having the latest version to recover the USB drive deleted files. This software works for all Windows editions.

USB drive data recovery software free download full version

Stepwise Demonstration of Assured Solution

Steps to recover data files using USB Data Recovery Software free download full version

  • Download and launch the USB drive recovery software on your Windows machine.

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  • Click on the Scan mode to recover deleted documents from USB and formatted scan for formatted files recovery. USB drive data recovery software free download full version
  • Select the files you want to recover deleted folders from USB drive and click on the Save button. USB flash drive data recovery software free download full version
  • In the navigation, the prompt either choose an already existed folder to save the files or create a new folder. Remember not to save the files in the USB drive from where files were deleted or formatted. USB drive data recovery software free download full version
  • This is how you can save all the deleted or formatted files direct to your specified location using USB Data Recovery Software free download full version. USB Data Recovery Software Free Download Full Version

Undoubtedly USB recovery utility is a handy product that can save users in difficult situations. But few users opt for the crack version to save a few bucks and risk their entire system data.

Why Crack Versions Are A Threat To Your System?

Any hacker who intends to spread the virus, malware, or ransomware will choose the distribution method to spread it extensively. This is the reason the internet is flooded with a cracked version of every paid software service. Sadly crack version cannot provide free serviceability to user here are the reasons:

Using a crack version of any program such as USB Data Recovery Software free download full version is outlawed action in civilized countries. The guilty party can be fined much higher than the actual cost of the software.

Other than that crack version found to be evident for spreading infected malware through a single crack app over 5 lakh computers. Information stealing from a web browser and cryptocurrency wallets are the main intentions of them.

On the other hand, your crack version can open more security threats. And hackers can take advantage of vulnerabilities in software to access all sorts of data in Windows OS.

Concluding Words

USB Data Recovery Software free download full version is the ultimate solution for users who want to recover corrupted/ deleted/ damaged/ inaccessible files from a USB flash drive.

Always access the official site of the software download page. Save your system from hackers and breaching by disallowing the crack version.