How to Recover Deleted Folders from USB Drive – Easily

Ashwani Tiwari | Published: February 4, 2021 | data recovery

Unfortunately, USB drives do not have to recycle bin feature within them. Otherwise, how to recover deleted folders from USB drive question might not be a frequently asked question by the users.

How to retrieve deleted folder from flash drive

Why USB Drive Does Not Have Recycle Bin?

While using a traditional hard disk, the deleted data directly placed in the recycle bin but not on a USB drive.

Recycle bin is also a folder where all the deleted files are stored. But in a pen drive/ USB drive when the user deletes the files it permanently deleted from the USB flash drive.

But you can still recover deleted folders from USB drive using the USB Data Recovery Tool. No matter which USB drive you are using for data storage and sharing.

One of the users who is looking for how to retrieve deleted folder from flash drive is discussed in his query

User Issue 1: Mistakenly Deleted Important Folders

“Last night I accidentally deleted a couple of files from a USB drive which I had to showcase in the business conference. I cannot find them anywhere. Do I stand any chance of finding the deleted files and recovering them?
Thanks a lot, Mark”

User Issue 2: Retrieve Deleted Folder from Flash Drive using Wrong Command Parameter

“Hello Guys, I am a school student, my examinations are going on. And I made a blunder by deleting my project for school.
Actually, I was deleting a file that was too stubborn to delete, so I took help and deleted it using CMD ADMIN on my PC. Instead of that particular file, it deleted everything that was on my USB drive mentioning that project file.
My future is at stake if I couldn’t recover deleted folders from USB drive. Help will be much appreciated ASAP!!!”

Check Reasons for Deletion

This section will let you understand more about the causes of USB drive deletion. Additionally, educate you on how you can lessen the chances of corruption and deletion of USB flash drive data.

  1. Do not take USB drive for granted. Keep it in a safe place if you carry it along with or even if place anywhere.
    For e.g. People hook USB devices to their key chains. It is a tech piece, not an accessory. It will cause unintended damage to its firmware.
  2. Keep it cool and away from high temperature and humidity.
  3. Always keep it clean and do not let dirt accumulate in the physical component.
  4. Properly eject from the system, never interrupt the ongoing process of transfer or copying.
  5. Remove USB drive when not in use. It will shorten the USB life and eventually corrupt the data.

Stop USB drive Usage Right Now!!

Backup of data is important to avoid the tragic experience of such scenarios. Unfortunately, few users learned it hard way. Here are the immediate actions you need to take after the deletion of files from the USB drive.

Immediate Actions

Even after deletion from USB user can retrieve deleted folders from flash drive. Only pay attention to the following steps:

  1. Instantly stop using the USB drive. Continuous use of drive will definitely lead you to overwrite files. This will not take you anywhere else other than the permanent loss of files and folders.
  2. Download and install the Data Recovery solution on your Windows System.

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  3. Attach the USB drive and click on the Refresh View option to detect on the home page.
  4. Choose the USB drive and select the Scan mode option. Now all of your deleted or corrupted files and folders will start scanning and recover simultaneously. How to recover deleted folders from flash drive
  5. All the recover deleted documents from USB will showcase in the recovery panel. Select the files and click on the Save button. How to retrieve deleted folder from flash drive
  6. You will be prompted to the navigation page, choose the location to download the retrieved deleted folder from flash drive. Do not choose the USB drive location to save the retrieved data from corrupted USB flash drive to avoid any complication further.
  7. After completion of the export process, you will receive confirmation message showcasing the successful accomplishment of downloading recover permanently deleted files from USB drive
    How to restore deleted folder from flash drive

Don’t Underestimate the Backup

The primary purpose of backup is to create a copy of data that can be used in primary data deletion or failure. This can cause due to software/ hardware malfunctioning or human-caused events or malicious attacks.

Delete files only when you meant to delete them. Pay attention while choosing the options before deletion.

Always keep a recovery solution on your system. This will save you from losing data in case of accidental deletion, corruption of USB drive or hard disk due to any reasons.

Substance of matter

The absence of Recycle bin worsens the recovery of USB drive data. How to Recover Deleted Folders from USB Drive is the most asked question from users.

Using an authentic solution will heighten the chances of recovery of deleted files from removable devices such as USB drives.