How to Recover Deleted PNG Files from Laptop – Get Instant Solution

Ashwani Tiwari | Published: February 10, 2021 | data recovery

Just like any other file PNG files can be get deleted due to various reasons. Moreover, it’s more important to choose the accurate option to do recover them. In this blog, we will learn how to recover deleted PNG files from laptop.

Some users expressed related queries that can be resolved using the method described in this blog.

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All About PNG Files and Usage

PNG is an abbreviation of “Portable Graphic Format” which used as an uncompressed raster image format. This compressed format is created to replace Graphics Interchange Format (GIF). It has the capability to display transparent backgrounds. Basically, the PNG was made to transfer images on the internet.

It is commonly used in web designing to provide transparent background or semi–transparent image. Mostly it is used to design logos. PNG is used largely than JPG and GIF files due to its features. Deletion of PNG files can be painful due to their worth and usage. How to recover deleted PNG files from laptop is the question asked by user.

Possible Reasons for PNG files deletion

  • Unintentional or Mistakenly Deletion – It generally happens due to either lack of experience operating the application and operating system or due to carelessness while managing the files.
  • Drive format – If the drive becomes inaccessible due to malfunctioning of drive firmware. Also, bad sectors (physical and logical) can contribute to it. Windows OS makes the drive inaccessible by the user and asks the user to format the drive due to its unreadability. After the format of the drive, the PNG files located in it also deletes.
  • Virus and Malware Infection – This the prime cause of PNG file corruption and deletion. It can invade computers through various methods such as download of virus-infected attachments, free games, and applications with malware attached to them, transfer of data from virus-infected devices.
  • Improper Ejection of Removable Storage Device – For devices like SD card, pen drive, USB drive, etc. proper ejection steps are must be followed to detach from the main device. So the processor can take proper measures and remove the occupied space of the storage medium. Without safe removal of storage media can lead to deletion and corruption of files including PNG files.

There are various reasons that can cause the deletion of PNG files that cannot be controlled by users. Users can keep data recovery software on their system along with an updated backup of files. So in crises of deletion or corruption of files, he would face the least amount of damage.

Precautionary Steps to be Taken Before Recovery Process

  1. Stop using the drive immediately to avoid overwriting and loss of data.
  2. Download the laptop data recovery software. Do not use the same drive (from where your PNG files deleted) for downloading and installation of recovery software.
  3. Do not save the recovered files in the same drive for which you were recovering the deleted PNG files.

Steps to Recover Permanently Deleted PNG Files from Laptop

Step 1. After downloading the hard drive data recovery solution, launch the program on your Windows Operating system.

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Step 2. Now select the drive from the home page and click on Scan mode. It will start the scanning and the recovery of deleted PNG files from laptop instantly.

How to recover deleted permanently files

Step 3. After completion of the scanning process, all the recovered deleted files from HP laptop will be shown on the recovery panel of the software.

To only select the PNG files, simply click on the Filter option on the left bottom corner and choose the Photos folders.

Recover Deleted PNG Files from Laptop

Select the PNG files using a selective approach or directly choose the root folder for export. After you are satisfied with the selection of PNG files click on the Save button.

Step 4. It will redirect you to navigation page to select the location to save the recovered deleted files from laptop Windows 10. Choose either already existed files or create a new folder to save the files.

How to recover deleted permanently files

Concluding Points

PNG images are widely used professionally for digital media. Deletion of PNG files can bring trauma if they are important to complete a project or task. How to recover deleted PNG files from laptop entitled blog is created to help users to recover deleted permanently PNG files.
Go for the demo version and run the above-mentioned steps, if deleted PNG files are visible on the recovery panel simply get the full version and recover deleted JPG files from hard drive directly to your specified location.