How to Recover Photos from Windows Photos Gallery in Direct Manner

Ashwani Tiwari | Published: February 12, 2021 | data recovery

Photos play a valuable part to collect the memorable part of our lives. But if the photos are saved on Windows and deleted from there. Users start searching for how to recover photos from Windows Photos Gallery.

If you are facing photo deletion issues from the windows photos gallery then this blog is strictly focused to restore deleted pictures from the Windows Photos Gallery.

Some Users Query Asked on the Same Issue

  • How to retrieve deleted photos from Windows photo gallery for free method?
  • Instant method for photos recovery in Windows 10 edition
  • How do I restore my photo gallery on my computer system?

All About Windows Photo Gallery

It is also known Windows Live Photo Gallery is a discontinued image organizer, photo editor, and photo sharing utility developed by Microsoft. But now the product is unavailable for download, but many users still use it for their photo organizing. It also can create difficulties if photos got missing or inaccessible.

Unavailability of Microsoft support and no new updates are one of many reasons for crashing and deletion of photos.

Some of Its Primary Features:

  • It provides management and tagging and searching functions for digital photos.
  • Offers image viewer that was used in place of OS image viewer.
  • Photos imports utility that is used to acquire photos from storage media and cameras.
  • It allowed sharing of photos by uploading to other platforms e.g. One Drive, Flickr, and Facebook

Besides all these features, Microsoft customer support’s absence made it inappropriate for the utility to store the photos for future preferences.
To learn how to recover photos from Windows Photos Gallery you can refer to the Windows data recovery solution. With the least amount of time and very few mouse clicks, you can recover your photos direct to your destined location.

Automated Features of Data Recovery Solution

Instant recovery of hard and permanently deleted files also called shift deletion.

  • Recover photos of various files formats, PSD, AI, CRW, EPS, CR2, NEF, JPG/JPEG, TIFF/TIF, PNG, BMP, GIF, ORF, RAF, SR2, MRW, DCR, WMF, DNG, ERF, RAW, SWF, SVG and many more.
  • Filter feature to obtain only the photos into a single folder.
  • Self-explanatory steps are suitable for non-technical and newbie users.

Additional Features of Utility to Advantageous Recovery

Instant automatic scanning and recovery.

  1. Recovery from internal and external drive on all Windows editions.
  2. Immediate recovery for all multimedia files in various formats.
  3. Supportive NTFS, FAT, and exFAT file system.
  4. Recover formatted files in Windows and SSD drives too.

Many other beneficial features to recover files in an accurate and precise manner.

Steps to Recover Photos from Windows Photos Gallery using Data Recovery Utility

  • Download and Install the Windows Data Recovery Software on your Windows machine.

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  • Select the drive and choose a scan mode to recover deleted files in Windows. It will start the scanning and recovering process simultaneously. All the corrupted, deleted, inaccessible, and lost files will be a showcase on the recovery panel. How to retrieve deleted photos from windows live photo gallery
  • Go to the Filter option and choose the photos folder to preview all the recovered photos. How to recover gallery photos
  • Select the photos and click on the save option.
  • Choose the location to save the recovered photos from Windows Photos Gallery. After completion of the export process, all the recover deleted files from laptop Windows 10 will be saved in the chosen location, and you will receive a confirmation message on the screen. How do I restore my photo gallery

This is how to recover photos from Windows Photos Gallery in the easiest method.

Possible Reasons For Loss from Windows Photos Gallery

The above method will recover the photos in a single go. But to avoid the same unfortunate event to occur. You should know the reasons for the loss from Windows Live Photos Gallery.

Interruption While Transferring Photos

If the transfer process gets interrupted due to technical issues or human-caused events then it will definitely lead to loss of photos. Always let the process complete first, only after moving to input next command.

Unexpected Shutdown of System

Improper closure of application and system is another cause of loss of photos. Make sure to keep the electricity supply constant and avoid any other application opening to avoid conflict within the application’s environment.

Faulty Hard Disk and Firmware

Bad sectors and displacement of reading and write heads are some main causes of hard disk storage corruption. Always keep attention to emitting sound from hard drives.

Concluding Words

Windows Photos Gallery is used for the storage of photos for the Windows Operating system. In case of lost and deleted photos from their user want to know how to recover photos from Windows Photos Gallery.

Data Recovery is the solution that you need for recovering without data loss of photos in their original format.