How to Recover Deleted Files from NTFS Partitions – DIY Solution

Ashwani Tiwari | Modified: January 29th, 2021 | data recovery

The new Technology File System (NTFS) is a widely used file system. In fact, most Windows OS uses NTFS as its File system.

But how to recover deleted files from NTFS Partitions if the files are deleted due to human error or software/hardware crash down.

We will showcase proficiently used three methods to recover shift deleted files from computer. But before that, it is important to understand the basic concept of the file system and the NTFS file system.

What Do You Understand by File System?

Each computer system’s files are stored on a storage medium, that storage device has a certain capacity. The storage medium also has linear space to read and write digital information. Each byte of information also has an address referenced by the address.

A storage device can be presented as a Grid that consists of a set of Numbered cells (where each cell is a single byte). So, each stored file is assigned its own cell number.

What is the NTFS File System?

NTFS is a widely used form of the file system. It was introduced to replace the FAT file system to improve the performance, reliability, and disk space in the machine.

Most Windows OS support NTFS unconditionally. Supporting Very Large Files, file permissions & encryption, automatic restore, file compression, etc. are the features that made it famous in the tech world.

Advantage of NTFS for Recoverability

NTFS file system log provides recoverability. This process assures that if the system crashes, computer crashes, shadow copies for backups, encryption, disk quota limits, hard links, and partially completed processes can be redone or undone when the system comes back again online. It considers each modification to the file system through I/O operations.

Reasons for Data Deletion from NTFS Partition

We hope that you might have a slight idea of NTFS now. We can move to the reasons that delete / corrupt / damage the NTFS partition files.

  1. Human Erroneous
  2. Virus and Malware attack
  3. Faulty Hard Disk
  4. Unexpected Power Shutdown
  5. Bad Sectors (Physical / Logical)
  6. Displacement of Read/Write Head tracking
  7. Software crash down
  8. Antivirus conflicting with System files
  9. Moisture accumulated due to humidity
  10. Natural Calamities
  11. Formatted Hard drives
  12. Data theft/hackers

There are endless reasons for the deletion of NTFS drive files. But the most important point of concern here is how to recover deleted files from NTFS partition.

We are showcasing three prominent methods to recover deleted files from NTFS.

Solution #1 Recover Deleted Files from NTFS Partition Using Previous Version

Back up your data using the File history method. Deleted files from NTFS Partition can be recovered using it.

The Previous Version is a replica of the files/folders which are automatically saved by Windows OS. This replica is known as shadow copies.

Follow these steps to recover deleted files from NTFS partition

  • Start >> My Computer (Navigate to the location from where files deleted in NTFS partition)
  • By right-clicking on the selected folder, select Restore Previous Version.
  • This will showcase all previously recorded versions of the file/folder.
  • Double click on the previous version that you want to restore. How to Recover Deleted Files from NTFS
  • Drag and Drop the desired file to the specified location.

Solution #2 Recover Deleted Files from NTFS Partition Using Recycle Bin

This method is only useful in the case of soft deletion. If you have pressed shift along with the Delete key. The system takes it as a signal that the user wants to remove the file from the directory. So, the file bypasses the recycle bin.

  • Open the Recycle Bin folder by clicking on its icon. How to Recover Deleted Files Windows 10
  • Explore the recycle bin folder and select the file you want to recover.
  • Select files/folder for recovery for NTFS partition by highlighting.
  • Users can press the shift key to select more than one file/folder.
  • Once you are satisfied with the selection, simply right-click and select the Restore option. How to restore deleted files windows 10
  • Now all the recovered files are restored to their original location. Recover deleted files windows 7

Solution #3 Recover Deleted Files from NTFS Partition using Data Recovery

SysTools partition recovery software is the ultimate utility to recover formatted files in Windows 10 and also recover important photos, audio, videos, and document data files, including other multimedia types of files saved in the NTFS file system.

It is compatible with all other Windows system hard drives for the FAT & exFAT file system. Ensures to maintain the originality and formatting exactly. It also recovers deleted files from laptop to RAW drive.

Even if a user has formatted NTFS drive, he can recover permanently deleted files from external drive and retrieve the files of various formats ZIP, JPEG, GIF, PDF, MPEG LAYER– III, PNG, DOCX, PPTX, XLSX, WAV, AVI, BMP, etc. Tool recover deleted pictures from computer and laptop.

Bottom Line

Deletion of data has always remained a headache for users. The trouble increases when the user is unable to find a certain solution to find out how to recover deleted files from NTFS partitions.

Hard Drive Recovery utility will resolve all kinds of multimedia recovery issues. Do not delay or avoid overwriting of data on the NTFS partitions drive or else recovery might end up as a failed attempt.